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Why do many want to know how to catch a cheater in a relationship?


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When dealing with a realm as omnipresent and multi-faceted as cheating in a relationship, one must start by separating facts from feelings, even though the latter will inevitably influence your perspective. The Cheating Buster project has been created to help couples deal with cheating in relationships. It is built entirely of established and widely recognized facts and intended for those who encountered their partner’s infidelity for the first time and struggle with its implications.

Apps to Bust a Cheater

Cheating is a betrayal of trust that can shatter a relationship into a million pieces.

How to Catch Someone Cheating with an iPhone or Android

Tracking cheating spouse iphone
apps for catching a cheater on android

Do you suppose that your partner is unloyal? Under such circumstances, you need to find the surest way to catch the cheater.

What Is Considered Cheating in a Relationship?

Each research that expects to be treated seriously must start with a precise definition of its subject, and our project materials are no different from others. So what is cheating in a relationship, exactly? According to the Gottman Institute, a renowned family and couple research organization, cheating in relationships is “the act of establishing a secret emotional or sexual connection with someone other than one’s partner, resulting in a breach of trust and undermining the stability of the relationship.

This concise and to-the-point wording allows us to delve into several clearly defined components of cheating: concealed intent, behind-the-back planning, the act of deceit, and the inevitable aftermath. Let us start by looking into the psychological roots of infidelity.

Infidelity Statistics β†—

20% of married men cheat in marriage
13% of married women cheat in marriage

Bust a Cheater” is the act of uncovering and exposing someone who is being unfaithful in a relationship. This can involve a range of techniques, from using technology to gather evidence, to hiring a private investigator.

Why Do People Cheat?

While it is reasonable to claim that each cheater is unfaithful in their own way, there are still certain correlations allowing us to build a generalized mind map of male and female cheating – especially when it comes to the underlying motives and triggers that lead to conscious actions. 

Cheated on Spouse Statistics 2023

That is not to say men and women arrive at the idea of starting an affair differently, through some reasoning predefined by sex – there are actually more similarities in this regard than it is usually recognized. However, the roles we assume in society do influence our perception of relationships – to the point where gender division becomes significant.

Men πŸ‘¨

Peer pressure will often drive men to seek means to reinforce their social status, which often means adopting standards that exceed their actual level of comfort. Some men are willing to sacrifice a perfectly balanced relationship in order to chase an elusive ideal that will somehow put them ahead of the ‘competition’. 

The stereotypes pertaining to career growth and self-actualization can mingle with those that characterize a happy marriage. When this happens, a man driven by the thirst for recognition turns into a cheating husband who prioritizes his movement in the male hierarchy above his partner’s needs. Paradoxically, his own needs may also get neglected along the way.

Women πŸ‘§

Unlike the opposite sex, women tend to recognize their yearnings in a more intricate manner and satisfy them accordingly. A generally better understanding of double entendres and subtexts in communication allows them to look past the social facades and notice the flaws and merits men may be oblivious to.

This subtle perception often results in seemingly counterintuitive and illogical decisions that some men would hurry to criticize as ‘typically female’. What they fail to notice is that a cheating wife who favors a ‘nobody’ over her well-off and respected partner actually acts in full accordance with her acute sense of harmony and fulfillment rather than the values imposed by her milieu.

Types of Cheating in a Relationship

We must clarify that there are no forms of cheating in a relationship that are ‘better’ or ‘less significant’ than the others. There is no point in comparing innocent flirting on social media to actual sex, as both acts involve a breach of trust from the partner’s standpoint. That is unless the couple had a mutual agreement that a certain type of romantic interaction with outsiders is acceptable.

Cheating Before Marriage

Before the vows are exchanged and the commitment is made, infidelity can cast a shadow on the journey to marriage. It can be a heart-wrenching experience that leaves one questioning not only their partner’s loyalty but their own worthiness of love as well. 

This type of infidelity in a relationship is often shrugged off by the cheater, and sometimes even the cheated – ‘what’s the big deal if the knot hasn’t been tied yet?’. Well, you cannot really expect any durability from a house built on a rotten foundation.

Cheating in a Marriage

In a marriage, infidelity emerges as the ultimate disruptive force, putting the present in limbo and undermining both the past and the future. This type of betrayal stands out due to its profound impact on the betrayed spouse and is alarmingly common. The mean figure we combined from several online sources indicates that roughly 40% of married US individuals admitted to having an extramarital affair.

Needless to say, the knowing victims of repeated betrayal who can’t end the marriage for whatever reasons experience the most severe psychological effects of cheating in a relationship and require special approaches to personal and couple therapy as they recover.

Kissing, Sexting, Texting

This type of betrayal stands out due to its covert nature and the emotional turmoil it creates. It often begins innocently, with casual flirtations and playful exchanges. However, the line between harmless fun and emotional betrayal can quickly blur. The allure of excitement and novelty drives people who cheat to engage in secret conversations, sharing intimate words and images. 

The implications are far-reaching, as trust is eroded and emotional connections outside the relationship are formed. It’s essential to navigate the complexities of technology and set clear boundaries to safeguard the emotional integrity of the relationship. 

Cheating in a Long Distance-Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be a testament to dedication and resilience, but they also present unique temptations. Cheating in a long-distance relationship is primarily caused by physical separation that creates feelings of loneliness and longing, leading individuals to seek comfort elsewhere.

The distance can breed insecurity and doubts, pushing some to seek validation or companionship in the arms of another. It’s crucial to address the root causes and explore strategies to bridge the distance over the miles that separate the partners.

Emotional Cheating

While physical infidelity may be more readily identifiable, emotional affairs often entail the direst effects of cheating in a relationship, as they involve forming an intimate connection and sharing your deepest longings.

Emotional cheating stems from unmet needs within the relationship or a desire for understanding. As a result, the intimate dimension of the relationship wanes progressively. The cheated partner unwillingly enters a competition between themselves and the new source of validation. This rivalry unfolds on fundamentally unfair terms as the new-found lover exudes the allure of novelty.


Micro-cheating is a subtle dance on the boundary of betrayal, where innocent interactions create ripples of insecurity. It’s the lingering likes on someone’s photos, the flirty comments exchanged behind screens, or the secret rendezvous for coffee that never quite crosses the line to fall under the definition of cheating in a relationship. 

What makes micro-cheating stand out is its deceptive nature, as it thrives on ambiguity and plausible deniability. The desire to explore outside the boundaries of a committed relationship is the driving force behind micro-cheating. While it may not involve any long-standing consequences, the risks are not to be dismissed. 

Cheating on Social Media

Cheating on social media, the digital realm of temptation is a type of infidelity that has its unique appeal. With the swipe of a finger, one gets access to the thrill of stranger flattery, hidden profiles, and virtual intimacy – often without displaying any surefire signs of cheating in a relationship. 

The primary reasons here are seeking an escape from the routine or succumbing to the glamor of being a virtual persona. Behind the screen, desires can be explored, and the lines of faithfulness can blur. Thus, the cheater may be convinced they are simply ‘doing what everyone else does’.

Revenge and Psychological Trauma

Cheating driven by revenge is characterized by its bitter origins and profound emotional impact. When one partner seeks solace in the arms of another, it’s not just about physical desire but a desire to inflict emotional pain. The need to level the playing field will often blind the cheater, making them impervious to logic and reason. 

Revenge infidelity may provide a fleeting moment of satisfaction, but it ultimately intensifies resentment and breeds a toxic cycle of retaliation. It has the power to leave lasting psychological trauma for both parties involved. Instead of focusing on the fact of retribution, it’s essential to suggest mutual forgiveness and healing or accept that your relationship is at an impasse.

Psychology of Cheating

Psychology of Cheating

PTSD form Cheating

Paranoind about Cheating

Bipolar and Cheating

Narcissist and Cheating

Depression After Cheating

Emotional Cheating

social media and cheating

Social Media Cheating







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Questions about Cheating

What Is Considered Cheating?

How to Stop Cheating?

Is Kissing Considered Cheating?

Is Cheating a Crime in the US?

How to Forgive a Cheater?

Is Texting Cheating?

Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

Statistics on Cheating by Gender Over the Years

Only you can tell what exactly feels weird about your partner’s ways, but this list can be a practical reference if you don’t know where to start:

  • Mysterious Phone Habits: If your partner developed a habit of hastily closing apps or getting all defensive when you innocently glance over, this could be one of the signs your spouse is cheating.
  • Elusive Schedule: The frequent attendance of late-night meetings or social gatherings, or prolonged overtime sessions at work is often just a lazy cover-up for a side romance.
  • Sudden Style Overhaul: While personal growth is natural, a sudden change in appearance could hint at intimate ulterior motives – most people simply don’t dress to impress for no reason.
  • Emotional Void: Take note of the signs of affection that have vanished from your partner’s love vocabulary. You are entitled to an explanation when their absence becomes uncomfortable.
  • Money Matters: If they struggle to explain where a good portion of your family budget went, or come up with a lame excuse, do not let it slide – especially if your partner isn’t a chronic spendthrift.
  • Lackluster Routine Involvement: Anyone can burn out from the daily grind, and most will readily admit when that happens. A cheater, however, may outright refuse to explain their detachment from chores and commitments.
  • Psychological Projection: Have you been accused of cheating out of the blue or subjected to unfair treatment? Chances are, it’s their guilty conscience at play, seeking an outlet for the shame they accumulated inside.
  • Sixth Sense: Sometimes, you just know something’s gone awry, even if logic and observation tell you otherwise. If done subtly, a double-check would never hurt.

Remember to never arrive at premature conclusions in your observations. People do change spontaneously and can exhibit uncharacteristic behavior due to stress or other factors. Only confront your spouse about suspected cheating when the puzzle has most of the missing pieces.

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More Ways to Bust a Cheater Online

If you’re pretty confident they have been getting up close and personal with someone else and only need hard evidence, here’s what you can do on the web:

  • Digital Footprint Analysis: Dive into their online presence, exploring social media accounts, online forums, and public profiles. Look for inconsistencies, hidden connections, or suspicious activities that could indicate an affair. These can be flirtatious comments or private messages containing romantic subtexts.
  • Communication Pattern Study: Pay attention to changes in their communication habits. Look for unusual messaging apps, deleted conversations, or sudden changes in their texting behavior. If passwords or other security measures prevent you from doing that, you may resort to mobile spyware that will procure you every last bit of their sensitive data.
  • Reverse Image Search: Use this powerful tool to detect any stolen or hidden online identities. Upload a suspect photo and see if it appears on dating websites, social media profiles, or other online platforms, revealing a hidden double life. This is a stock feature in Google Search, but you can try one of the free alternatives out there, like TinEye.
  • And More Ways: Checking Media Files and Hidden Applications, Read Your Cheating Partner Text Messages, Spy on Devices Connected to Wi-Fi, See Someone’s Facebook Activity, Spy on WhatsApp Messages, Use Snapchat Tracker, Track iPhone or Samsung Phone, Put a GPS Tracker on a Phone, Track SIM Card, Instagram Activity Tracker, See Incognito History on Android, Check Their Tinder Profile.

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How Cheaters Hide Their Tracks

If the previous section inspired you to start an investigation, brace yourself for numerous obstacles that a reasonable cheater will surely prepare beforehand. The most common tactics include, but are far from being limited to:

  • Full Encryption. Concealing communication and media through the use of hidden apps, encrypted messaging services, or secure vault applications.
  • Digital Alibi. Creating fake evidence through online activities, posts, or messages to mislead partners about their whereabouts or interactions.
  • Alias Profiles. Adopting fake identities or creating alias profiles to engage in secret online relationships diverting suspicion away from their real persona.
  • Disappearing Acts. Suddenly cutting off communication or disappearing from online platforms to avoid detection.

It would be downright naive to think that a cheating boyfriend will have the upper hand in the use of such tech-based concealment solutions. In fact, these and numerous other strategies have been first spotted in the cheating girlfriend arsenal, later to be adopted by cheaters worldwide, regardless of gender.

Author Sergius Gardner

Sergius Gardner

A person who is an expert on infidelity in relationships and an expert on catching cheaters. He has knowledge, training and experience in several areas, including: understanding the causes and motives for infidelity in relationships, identifying the signs and behaviors of cheaters, counseling people and couples on how to deal with infidelity, and providing tips and techniques to improve communication and intimacy in relationships.

Author Holly Smith

Holly Smith

A professional relationship coach and author who understands the subject of infidelity. She has a background in psychology, sociology and counseling and has received specialized training in relationship dynamics and communication. Her expertise in the field of infidelity includes: providing guidance and support to couples facing infidelity, helping couples rebuild trust and repair the damage caused by infidelity, conducting workshops and seminars.

How to Gain Trust Back in a Relationship After Lying and Cheating 

If this section’s header kept you reading, this means you’ve already made the first step on the way to acceptance and forgiveness. However, whether the cheater will respond with genuine repentance is almost entirely out of your control. 

It is an absolute must that you focus on your own recovery from the repercussions of their affair. Even when you feel prepared to accept them back into your life, never hurry to mistake your idealized image of a remorseful cheater for reality.

Most importantly, you should never force yourself into a hopeless relationship after the realization of its true state dawns on you. Sometimes, there truly is nothing you can do to fix a flawed couple, and you should never think of it as your fault.


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